Dance into an Inner Light

An inspirational guide for anyone interested in sharing centering tools and life skills with children.


Dance into an Inner Light


Nelson based author Birgit Baader takes us on a journey to find inner wisdom in this meditation-based book. Tested in schools, children’s hospitals, schools for the physically and mentally specially-abled and in retreat centres, the effect was consistently positive. Children were observed to easily sink into meditation and stay in a deeply relaxed state.

Observed benefits include helping children to:

  • Calm down (before sleep, in school, before tests, in hospitals)
  • Concentrate
  • Balance out fears and inner imbalances
  • Strengthen self-confidence
  • Inspire imagination (cultivating creativity and self-expression)
  • Find comfort and support within themselves
  • Strengthen contemplation skills (valuable for problem solving and much more…)
  • Find inner strength when faced with difficult situations
  • Stimulate their ability to heal themselves

A practical step-by-step guide Birgit’s book is a wonderful tool for reconnecting with, and providing gentle support for the young people in your life.

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